Sito Teresa Giannico

Teresa Giannico

It’s a self-portrait.
The artist presents herself to the world this way, with their face in the foreground, hands clasped on their head, and a melancholic gaze: an intense image, frozen in suspended time, laden with suppressed emotions.
With her “digital brushstrokes,” Teresa Giannico poignantly reflects on the ambiguity and mysteries of seeing, while simultaneously delving into the power of memory, much like Jorge Luis Borges when he recalled: “We are our memory; we are this chimerical museum of fleeting forms, this heap of broken mirrors.”

Gianluigi Colin

Postwar Italy’s suggestion for resolving the porous boundary between industrial production and artisanal craft.

Inspired by the work of DWA design studio
Commissioned by Disegno Journal

Based on Bold chair by Big-Game for Moustache, Torch suspension by Sylvain Willenz, Set No. 5 cocktail table by Müsing–Sellés, Vima floor lamp by Haha,Sam Son easy chair by Konstantin Grcic, 7m chair by Ara Thorose, Neotenic light by Jumbo.

Commissioned by Disegno Journal

Pictures inspired by Alexandre Humbert dialogues, a collection about design objects in conversation, analyzing how they can deal with their own existence

Dialogues: Alexandre Humbert
Commissioned by Disegno Journal

Based on Daniel Rybakken’s VitrineOoho! Water Bubble, Bel Paese by Sam Baron, Broom Accessories by Issey Miyake

Commissioned by Disegno Journal