A Milanese Marble:
the forgotten history of Silipol

Inspired by “Silipol Studies” by DWA Design Studio

A Neotenic State of Mind

Bold chair (2009) by Big-Game for Moustache; Torch suspension (2008) by Sylvain Willenz for Established & Sons; Set No. 5 cocktail table (2018) by Müsing–Sellés; Vima floor lamp (2016) by Haha.

Sam Son easy chair (2015) by Konstantin Grcic for Magis; 7m chair (2016) by Ara Thorose; Neotenic light (2018) by Jumbo.

Observation On the Surface

Ooho! water bubble

Bel Paese by Sam Baron for Bitossi

Broom Accessories by Issey Miyake

sharp pump by Celine

Maharam Darning Sampler textile by Scholten & Baijings

Vitrine by Daniel Rybakken for Panasonic

Object Interview

Pictures made on Alexandre Humbert dialogues, a collection about design objects in conversation, analyzing how they can deal with their own existence

What If a Lamp Stole Another Lamp’s Hat?

Conversation between “Night Owl” by Fritz Hansen and “Horse Lamp” by Moooi

What if a chair realised she had a son?

Conversation between “Robin Hood Gardens” and Gio Ponti’s D.235.1 chair