A selection of three still life made during my stay in T12 Lab,
a cultural association and design research agency located in the creative NoLo District in Milan

Diorama S.M.19

EROSIONI. Puglia: leggende, utopie, visioni

Commissioned for the exhibition curated by Ilaria Speri and Massimo Torrigiani for Boiler at Fundació Enric Miralles in Barcelona.
Featuring Fabrizio Bellomo, Alice Caracciolo, Cemre Yesil, Gianluca Marinelli, Domingo Milella, Piero Percoco, Random Association,

Territori del Cinema, FProject.

Casino Palermo

Artist residence made in the spaces of the Viasaterna gallery in Palermo
within Manifesta Biennal

Box with the materials used for the artwork:

Diorama S.M.19

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Picture Study

Selected for 20° Premio Cairo
Palazzo Reale, Milan